The dates for our two big productions has passed this year.  Due to COVID, the BFHS Annual Murder Mystery and the Bark in the Park did not occur.  Hopefully they will be back next year at their usual dates, as big and bold as always!.  


We do have some fundraisers remaining this year that do Not require crowds.  For instance, BFHS is selling T-shirts that remind us all that COVID-19 will be overcome.  See later pages for pictures.  Also, There will be a BFHS Gift Wrapping Service sometime in December that can be done with proper social distancing.    


Fundraisers are important, But our main purpose is to house unwanted animals.  Some are dropped off by owners that no longer want the dogs or cats, some are found wandering the side of the road and others are being a nuisance and our ACOs pick them up.  They aren't all grown either; our shelter always has puppies and kittens.  These days, our shelter is always full of dogs and cats.  Thankfully, on the Dog side, we have been able to arrange semi-regular 'dog transports' to northern shelters.  There is no corresponding service to help our cat population and adoptions are our only recourse.  


Right now, the shelter is open by appointment only.  Our mantra is:  This too shall pass.